Can the minWallet hold more than five cards?  It can, but things tend to get a little tight in there.  You could definitely get six in there, maybe seven.  But hey - you're a minimizer!  You don't need more than five cards, right?

Well, how do I minimize my wallet then?  First, take all of your receipts out.  Then, either spend those gift cards or leave them in the car or at home.  Your 'loyalty' cards can be captured into your smartphone.  (Keyring is a popular one)  You likely don't need to carry your health insurance card every day.  Unless it changes, the doctor's office will always have it on file.  Lastly, I took a picture of some cards I wasn't sure about and kept them on my phone.  There!   All comfy with less than six cards now.  

Can I wash my minWallet?   Yes!  You can wash it, but don't dry it unless it has cards in it.  Otherwise, it will shrink a little.  Of course, if you wash and dry it on accident; you should be covered.  It will be slightly tighter at first (coming out of the dryer) but it will loosen up.

How durable is it?  Well, you basically can't rip the fabric unless you use something sharp; the nylon is crazy durable.  The stitching is high quality and double-sewn on the inside, so it will be very hard to rip the stitching apart; but let's not try to rip it apart, OK?  OK.  I'm glad we had this talk.

Is there a warranty?  Yes, the minWallet is covered for two years, from the date of purchase, for manufacturer defects.  It's not covered if you cut it with scissors, light it on fire, etc.  See the warranty and returns page for more info.

Can I return it?  Yes, but only within the first 30-days.  (sniff, sniff)   See the warranty and returns page for more info.

Are these really made in the USA?  Yes, this was very important to us!

How fast is your shipping?  Most orders submitted before 9:00pm Central Time are fulfilled the same day and ship via USPS.  If you live in the continental United States, your order should arrive within four business days.  If you live outside the US, your order may take as long as two weeks to arrive. 

Do you ship internationally?  Yes!  Here's a map of all the countries where a minWallet has been sold.  Wow!

Is shopping on minwallet.com secure?  Yes, minWallet.com is actually run on Shopify which has over 100,000 active retailers worldwide and does about $60 million in sales per month.  Learn more about Shopify Security here.  Minwallet does not see nor have access to your personal credit card information.