We've been long overdue for a redesign of the wallet. Gone are the days of the Costanza-sized wallets. How many cards do you really need to carry every day, all day? Do you really need that business card, old receipt or gift card "just in case"?

Nope, you don't. Plus with Smartphones abounding, it seems kind of silly to pack your wallet as if you don't return home every day.

With the minWallet, you get the thinnest, lightest wallet ever made as it is made of durable nylon. It weighs 4.21 grams and is 1.7 millimeters thick. No way?!? Way! What makes it different is that with five cards - each card has its own 'slot'; that way your cards aren't rubbing together. Your most commonly accessed cards are exposed on the outside, making them extremely easy to obtain. Cash? No problem. It holds five cards plus cash, but seriously - how often do you really need cash? Speaking of, what also makes the minWallet different is the price. At only $15 for a wallet that's made in the USA, it is also a minimalist approach to pricing.

This is for men or women and any pocket you choose to put this in. Yes, even your shirt pocket - you'll barely know it's there.

So, go on - try out minimizing. You'll be glad you did.

The Team

The minWallet couldn't be possible if it wasn't for the contributions of the "executive team".  They are called the "executive team"; however, they are really my friends.  The title hopefully helps make up for the hours they've spent volunteering on the minWallet:

 meNate Reagen: CMO: chief minimalist officer  (me)  Yep, minimalist bio.
scottScott Rudicil:  VP of Sales (Domestic & International)   Scott's enthusiasm for the minWallet has been amazing.  He's the kind of guy that could walk into a bar and try and sell it to everyone he meets; and be successful at it.  Oh, wait - he's only done that countless times!  He's also the kind of guy that you can call late at night and say "Hey Scott, my wife's car broke down 30 minutes north of you; could you pick her up?".  He was practically in the car before I got off the phone. 
brianBrian Speers:  VP of Graphic Design (or Grand Poobah of Look and Feel) Brian is the dude responsible for the minWallet photos, the product package and so much more.  He has a passion to make things just right and is an avid lover of Star Wars (old school movies please).  Brian has this uncanny ability to make art out of practically anything.
jasonJason Mitchell:  VP of R&D  Jason seems to have his finger on the pulse of all things minimalist.  From minimalist blogs, to gadget sites - he geeks out on it all.  He models a precise and minimalist lifestyle; always striving for the minimalist approach.  You may find him rearranging his work cube, or figuring out how to make his car key less bulky.  Yep, he's earned his VP title.
robRob Liesland:  VP of Operations  Rob is there whenever I need him.  It's almost like he's family to me.  Wait, maybe he is family to me?   Our wives are sisters, does that count?  Rob has been there from the early beginnings and has provided sage advice from day one.  He's spot on every time and has helped shape minWallet to be what it is.