"A persons spinal health is affected greatly by the postures they spend the most time in. If you have to be seated and you carry a wallet in your back pocket, the minWallet is the best option." 

Dr. Neal R. Meylor, DC, FASA  Chiropractor - Des Moines, Iowa

"Just want to tell you how happy I am with my minwallet.  I was using a "mighty wallet" made of Tyvek paper but it was looking dogeared and shabby."  

David - Spokane, Washington

"I'm really pleased with the design and the quality of the wallet. Thank you for delivering a great product!"  

Mico - Philippines 

"Super quality, and just a perfect size"   

Kaj - Denmark

"I totally love my minWallet"   

Patrick - Des Moines, Iowa

"I thought I had lost the wallet when I was out today. Panic a bit until I realize it was still in my pocket. It's really small & light!" 

T Tan - Singapore

"Thanks to minWallet I think the binder clip is finally getting retired."  

Steven - Des Moines, Iowa

"It's so sleek and nice, loving it already!"  

Daniel - Sweden