February 27, 2018

Daily Deals Promotion

The minWallet has been featured on dailydealscoupon.net.  Check out the site for an inside scoop on great prices.  The minWallet can be found at:  dailydealscoupon.net/top-deals-to-purchase-in-2018/
February 15, 2016

minimalist match: add bluetooth to your minWallet

At 3.5mm thick, the TrackR Bravo is the thinnest BlueTooth tracking device ever.  At 1.7mm thick, the minWallet is the thinnest wallet ever.  What a great match!  Get $10 off your TrackR Bravo by using the promo code "minwallet".
December 17, 2015

One Year Anniversary!

Exactly one year ago today, the minWallet successfully funded on Kickstarter.  A year (and many minWallets) later - still going strong!  Very thankful to all of you who've supported the minWallet and passed along such great and positive feedback.  Marry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
November 30, 2015

One Day Cyber Monday Sale!

For today only, minWallets are only $12 each, with free domestic shipping.  This season, give the gift of minWallet!
July 19, 2015


minWallet has reached a major sales milestone and in addition, small improvements have been made to the minWallet packaging (lighter) and minor adjustments made to minWallet construction.  All in all, this leads to an even better product and something to celebrate!
February 12, 2015

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buy local!

local business supporting local business.  for those of you lucky enough to live in sunny des moines -- here's where you can buy the minWallet:

rock on.

January 14, 2015


"A persons spinal health is affected greatly by the postures they spend the most time in. If you have to be seated and you carry a wallet in your back pocket, the minWallet is the best option." 

Dr. Neal R. Meylor, DC, FASA  Chiropractor - Des Moines, Iowa

"Just want to tell you how happy I am with my minwallet.  I was using a "mighty wallet" made of Tyvek paper but it was looking dogeared and shabby."  

David - Spokane, Washington

"I'm really pleased with the design and the quality of the wallet. Thank you for delivering a great product!"  

Mico - Philippines 

"Super quality, and just a perfect size"   

Kaj - Denmark

"I totally love my minWallet"   

Patrick - Des Moines, Iowa

"I thought I had lost the wallet when I was out today. Panic a bit until I realize it was still in my pocket. It's really small & light!" 

T Tan - Singapore

"Thanks to minWallet I think the binder clip is finally getting retired."  

Steven - Des Moines, Iowa

"It's so sleek and nice, loving it already!"  

Daniel - Sweden



December 17, 2014

it's on

after many months of preparations; minwallet.com is 'fully operational'.  it's on!!!
December 11, 2014

site launch date

the minwallet.com site will go live the night of December 16th!  crazy excited to share it with all of you.  hopefully that doesn't  mean all three of you.
November 15, 2014


the minWallet team is deep in preparations for initial product launch.   from bar brainstorming sessions to the final sewing; it's exciting times!